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Meet the Designer

Gianni’s ambition has always been to create a line of tailor-made clothes for the public. Many people in the world feel a lack of confidence with their bodies, and wearing clothes that don’t fit correctly contributes to this insecurity. This is what he wanted to change.


"Achieving a perfect fit for my client and giving them confidence and the look they desire is what I am all about."


This is the Mantra of Gianni Salvatore.  This is the ethos he now brings to his unique clothing line.

Gianni Salvatore started designing clothes in the 1990’s while he was in school. Like many young people, he felt a desire to create, represent and express his own unique identity through fashion. Inspired by his love of comics and heroes from his childhood, he first started designing clothes from an early age using his father’s old, tired leather jackets which were too big and needed tailoring. However, it wasn’t until his mother took him to get a made-to-measure leather jacket that he understood the power of a tailored garment and what it brings to enhancing style.  


The idea for Gianni Salvatore dates back to 2014 when Gianni launched a limited-edition tailor fit leather apparel brand for men and women. This limited-edition launch was designed to assess how the UK fashion market would react to a fully “tailored fit” clothing brand.